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How To Find Peace In Your Heart is a book that has helped many men and women come out of depression and renew their faith in Jesus Christ. Using simple language, humor, and scripture Father Juan Rivas, L.C. puts you in touch with the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

How To Find Peace In Your Heart (Book)

  • The spirit of Man is eternal and immortal, that is why it thirsts for eternity, true life, profound happiness, a faith that nothing or nobody can take away, a love that cannot die, and genuine hope. Everybody talks about a quality of life, but what is that life worth if it does not know about the eternal and immortal?


    We are called t olive of the infinite, of the eternal, and of the spiritual. That is why Saint Paul would say, “Set your minds on the things above, not on earthly things.”


    Open yourself up to God, open yourself and drink of the fountain of Life: The Holy Spirit.

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